Two-week Survivors will receive
the Summer Surf - Mini14 skin!
Just click the join button to try out the Summer Surf - Mini14 skin.
Play, earn Survival Points, and trade for various event rewards!
Event Schedule
2022-07-13 09:00:00 UTC - 2022-07-27 08:59:59 UTC
Participation Guides & Rewards
Click the Join Event Button!
You will receive Summer Surf - Mini14 skin (3 days) immediately after participation.
EVENT 1. Check-in to Survive
3 days recharge for the Mini-14 skin usage for each day you check-in!
Summer Surf - Mini14 skin will be provided premanently to the Two-week survivors!
EVENT 2. Play & Earn Survival Points
Play 30 minutes everyday and trade in for item rewards!
Collect the swimsuit skin set for free by spending Survival Points!
Only Steam users could participate in this event. (PC Only)
The event website can only be accessed via in-game “Special Summer Events” banner.
You will not be recognized as a participant for both EVENT1 and EVENT2 until you click the Join Event button.
Time-limited Summer Surf - Mini 14 Skin (3 days) and ♥3 (EVENT1) will be provided at initial participation.
Participation for "EVENT1. Check-in to Survive" will close after 2022.07.20 09:00:00 UTC.
If you participate in the event, your game ID and service use records will be collected/used to confirm your participation and grant rewards.
Event rewards will be sent automatically to your customize tab when conditions are met.
Check-in to Survive
Check-in to maintain your ♥ and collect the Summer Surf - Mini14 Skin!
The event has ended.
The event has ended.
[Event end date] 2022-07-27 08:59 UTC
Event timer resets each day at UTC 09:00 AM.
You will be charged with ♥1 for each day you click the “Check-in” button and will lose ♥1 each day if not checked in.
You will receive an additional Summer Surf – Mini14 skin (3 days) for each time the “Check-in” button is clicked.
The permanent Summer Surf – Mini14 skin will be rewarded automatically in-game to users who maintain ♥1 or higher until the end of the event.
You can acquire ♥Chargers in EVENT2 below. Gather Survival Points through gameplay and exchange ♥Chargers in the survival point shop!
When life drops to ♥0, you will fail to survive and miss out on the final reward. Keep up and maintain at least ♥1!
The remaining usage time of the time-limited items is accumulated, and only "days" are displayed in the in-game system.
If the remaining usage time is less than 1 day, "hours" and "minutes" are displayed.
Play & Earn Survival Points
Play 30 minutes everyday and earn Survival Points.
Gather points to exchange for various item rewards.
*Survival points are automatically awarded for everyday playing at least 30 minutes, and it can only be viewed on the webpage.
Survival Points available
0 P
Total Survival Points earned
0 P
Total Survival Points spent
0 P
Survival Points remaining until VIP
120 P
The event has ended.
10 P
UTC 7/13 09:00:00 - 7/14 08:59:59
10 P
UTC 7/14 09:00:00 - 7/15 08:59:59
20 P
UTC 7/15 09:00:00 - 7/16 08:59:59
20 P
UTC 7/16 09:00:00 - 7/17 08:59:59
20 P
UTC 7/17 09:00:00 - 7/18 08:59:59
10 P
UTC 7/18 09:00:00 - 7/19 08:59:59
10 P
UTC 7/19 09:00:00 - 7/20 08:59:59
10 P
UTC 7/20 09:00:00 - 7/21 08:59:59
10 P
UTC 7/21 09:00:00 - 7/22 08:59:59
20 P
DAY 10
UTC 7/22 09:00:00 - 7/23 08:59:59
20 P
DAY 11
UTC 7/23 09:00:00 - 7/24 08:59:59
20 P
DAY 12
UTC 7/24 09:00:00 - 7/25 08:59:59
10 P
DAY 13
UTC 7/25 09:00:00 - 7/26 08:59:59
10 P
DAY 14
UTC 7/26 09:00:00 - 7/27 08:59:59
Survival Point Shop
Exchange various item rewards with Survival Points!
If you spend 120 points or more, you will receive a swimsuit skin set for free.
*♥Charger is an web exclusive item which recharges ♥1 for Event 1.
There will be no in-game reward provided for exchanging this item.
40 P
Total of 1 times exchangable  
Victory Dance 93
40 P
Total of 1 times exchangable  
Tied Baseball Jersey
40 P
Total of 1 times exchangable  
For Event Only
20 P
Total of 4 times exchangable   (0/4)
The event has ended.
Free Flora Button-up Set
for Survival Point Shop VIPs.
How to become a VIP
You can additionally get the Flora Button-up Set
by spending 120 or more Survival Points
accumulated through 30 minutes of daily gameplay.
*Flora Button-up Set is automatically rewarded when the Survival Points used reaches 120.
Event timer resets each day at UTC 09:00 AM.
Attendance will be counted when your cumulative time of survival and spectating allies reach 30 minutes for that day.
(Applies to Normal/Ranked modes only. Tutorial, Training, and Arcade modes are excluded.)
The entire match play time will be added up based on the Event Day starting the match.
(Ex: Even if the match starts at 23:55 and ends at 00:10, going from Day 1 to Day 2, the entire 15 minutes are counted as playing on Day 1.)
♥1 is recharged for “Event 1. Check-in to Survive” when a ♥Charger is exchanged.
♥Charger is a web exclusive item. There will be no in-game reward provided for exchanging this item.
All unused Survival Points will disappear after the event period.